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What is Endo Sleeve Tube Stomach Surgery ?

What is Endo Sleeve Tube Stomach Surgery and Whom It Is Applied to? 


Endo Sleeve, one of the laparoscopic applications, is a successful surgery that reduces the stomach volume and eliminates the risk of stomach leakage.


Endo Sleeve surgery, which is the most preferred all over the world, is a laparoscopic application. In this process, which ensures the continuity of the stomach with the esophagus and intestine, the tubular part of the stomach is preserved, but most of the organ is removed. The part to be removed is the area of ​​the stomach that manages the appetite and stretches the most. 70 percent of the excess weight can be lost in the first 12 months after Endo Sleeve, which aims to reduce the amount of food consumed in order to reduce stomach volume.

Which Patients Can Endo Sleeve Be Applied to?

This procedure is applied to individuals who have obesity and cannot lose weight. It is also preferred in patients with joint discomfort and insulin resistance depending on weight. It has been determined that a second surgery is unnecessary in the studies conducted for the Endoscopic Sleeve application, which was preferred before Gastric Bypass operations. As a result, it has been revealed that patients lose weight permanently thanks to the Endoscopic Sleeve. Endo Sleeve, which is known to be effective on diabetes, blood pressure and similar diseases, is increasing in preference nowadays.

Which Tests Are Performed Before Endo Sleeve?

The following examinations and tests are applied to the patient before the Endo Sleeve surgery;

  • Hormone and hepatitis tests
  • Hemogram
  • Abdominal ultrasound
  • Stomach endoscopy
  • ECO and effort test (If needed)
  • Lung respiratory test
  • ECG
  • Stomach endoscopy

After all examinations are completed, cardiology, internal medicine, anesthesiology and chest diseases specialists make the necessary examinations. If the patient has a different disease that causes weight gain, pre-operative treatment recommendations will be offered.


How is Endo Sleeve Done?

Endo Sleeve surgery is performed as a closed technique, ie laparoscopically. In this application, where a large number of small incisions are made, ports are placed from the incision sites (abdominal area) with the help of hand tools. While the surgical telescope connected to the video camera and other surgical instruments enter from the incision area, the operation area is monitored on the monitor.

Gastric sleeve surgery was first performed in 1999 by laparoscopic method. Since 2000, it has been preferred as the first treatment application before Gastric Bypass in overweight individuals. After this surgery, which has become popular since 2010, the length of stay is short and there are fewer scars in the abdominal area.

CO2 gas is given into the abdomen before sleeve gastrectomy. In this way, the abdomen is inflated and the inside is entered with special tools. Then, a silicone tube is used to adjust the stomach width. After this tube is placed from the mouth to the stomach outlet, the fatty tissue surrounding the stomach is separated from the spleen. The excess part of the stomach is cut with special devices called staplers. After the procedure, between 80 and 150 ml of stomach volume will remain. After this part taken out of the abdomen, stitches are placed in the incision area.


Is There Any Pain After Endo Sleeve Surgery?

The amount of pain after Sleeve Gastrectomy is very low. Because during this surgery performed with a closed method, millimetric holes are opened. In other words, aches and pains are much less than open surgeries. The pain that may be experienced is controlled with the drugs prescribed by the surgeon.

The best advantage of the procedure is its aesthetic results. The disappearance period of the lines after the operation in the operation area is between 1-3 months. The best results can be achieved with the surgical creams recommended by the doctor after the full healing of the wounds. A leak test is performed 2 days after the Endo Sleeve application, which does not cause any problems in terms of nutrition. Liquid food intake is then started. Since dieticians give detailed information to the patients about the process, it will be known when liquid foods should be consumed at which periods.


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