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What is Gastric Band? When and How to Use?

What is a gastric band, why is gastric band used?

Gastric band is known as stomach band among the people. Here are all the details about what is a gastric band used in gastric banding surgery.


In gastric banding surgery, a band is placed 20 mm below the intersection of the stomach and esophagus. This band, known as gastric band, is made of silicone and is applied around the stomach. The gastric band placed under the skin with a thin tube is removed during the operation. This band made of silicone does not have any allergic effects. While it allows the stomach to be divided into two, it creates a feeling of early satiety in the person. Consequently, the person’s food consumption decreases. In gastric band application, individuals will need to change their food consumption pattern and other consumption habits. If the tape is removed early, there may be a rapid return to the weight before the application.


How is Gastric Band Placed?

Stomach band is placed by laparoscopic method. Although the first gastric banding operation performed using gastric band was performed in 1985, it was observed that approximately 75 percent of the patients lost their excess weight within 18 months after the procedure.


Stomach Band Surgery

Before starting the gastric banding surgery, patients are placed on their back. The legs are slightly bent open. The feet are positioned on the operating table at an angle of 30 degrees. After these procedures, an incision is made from the upper umbilical region and the area is entered with a special needle. The area where the first incision was made is below the average 5-6 finger distance from the breastbone. Carbon dioxide gas is given to the inside of the abdomen before entering the incision area with a special camera. The purpose of this procedure is to push back the internal organs of the abdomen and to protect the organs against any injury.

Who Can Have Stomach Band?

Individuals who want to be a gastric band must comply with the following conditions;

  • Those who do not have any problems with general anesthesia
  • Those without stomach ulcers and hernias
  • Individuals without alcohol and substance addiction
  • People with a body mass index of 40 and above
  • Individuals without hormonal diseases
  • Healthy individuals between the ages of 18-60
  • Those who do not have an eating disorder

How to Lose Weight with Stomach Band?

Losing weight is quite easy thanks to the gastric band. The name of this application, which is preferred by those who have health problems such as diabetes and obesity, is known as “silicone gastric band” in the literature. Although this band placed between the esophagus and stomach has no allergic effect, it is completely prepared in accordance with gastric band surgery. Thanks to this band, the stomach is divided into two different parts and cannot make excessive food intake. After wearing the band, it is possible to lose weight in the long term. It facilitates the weight loss process by returning to healthy eating habits within an average of 18 months. After 2 years, the weight can be maintained without any excessive change.


Things to Consider After Having Stomach Band

It should be kept in mind that individuals take a serious responsibility after the gastric band is attached. Following processes should be considered in order to prevent weight gain after the operation;

  • Mineral and vitamin supplements should be taken under the supervision of a doctor.
  • Food meals should be taken according to the doctor’s advice.
  • Regular exercise practices should be started.
  • Care should be taken to consume water before and after eating.
  • The diet plan should be supplemented with meals rich in protein.

The quality of the stomach cuff eliminates the risk of complications. It should be kept in mind that the gastric band may fall with insufficient nutrition, and it will bring risks such as ulcer, sweating, nausea, weakness, gall bladder formation and embolism. Other risks;

  • Sagging on the skin surface
  • Infection

As a result of malnutrition, the gastric band may fall, and the softness and quality of the cuff will eliminate the risks listed above.


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